Fee Schedule





A schedule of fees, charges and expenses, and a collection procedure for appeals from Board of Adjustments action, variances and conditional use permits is herby established.  No action shall be taken before the Board of Adjustment or Planning Commission unless or until preliminary charges have been paid in full.

Application Fee

Zoning Map Amendment Application


Preliminary Subdivision        $100.00
Final Subdivision      $50.00
Full Site Plan with Stormwater Plan      $100.00
Minor Site Plan         $50.00
Conditional Use         $75.00
Variance          $75.00
Non-Conforming Use Change       $50.00
Administrative Appeal        $100.00
Building Permit    $25.00

Electrical Permits         

$.06 per sq. ft. living area OR

$130.00 Minimum Charge




Building Code Fees
Two-family Dwellings                                                                          .04 per sq. ft.    
Multi-family Dwellings:  
   First 5,000 sq. ft. .04 per sq. ft.
   Additional area over 5,000 .02 per sq. ft.
   First 5,000 sq. ft. .05 per sq. ft.
   Additional area over 5,000  .03 per sq. ft.
Non-Residential Additions .05 per sq. ft.
Non-Residential Rehabiliation $50.00
The Mininum Fee For a Permit
Fee Doubled for Construction Started Without a Building Permit


Electrical Code Fees

Single Family Dwelling (new structures)     

2 Inspections                                                    

.06 per sq. ft. living area OR $130 Minimum charge  

Temporary Service (1 Inspection)


Mobile/Manufactured Homes, Room Additions, Garages, Accessory Structures, and Upgrades


Power Restoration and Each Additonal Inspections



Commercial Inspection Rates
  $1.00  -   $5,000
 $65.00 per trip  
  5,001  -   25,000 $65.00+(2.5%) (of electrical contract cost)
25,001  -   50,000 $65.00+500.00+(2.25%) (of electrical contract cost)
50,000  -   75,000 $65.00+500.00+437.50+(2.0%) (of electrical contract cost) 
75,001  -   and greater $65.00 +500.00+437.50+375.00+(1.75%) (of remaining cost)


Any person who commences any work on a building, structure, electrical, gas, mechanical or plumbing system before obtaining the necessary permits shall be subject to an additional fee established by the building official which shall be in addition to and equal in the amount of the original fees.


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