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The Union County Planning Commission has been using a single-user desktop version of ArcGIS to provide maps to administrators, agencies, department heads, & Other stakeholders for nearly 10 years.  These maps have been created and maintained at a significant expense to Union County by the Commonwealth of Kentucky, GRADD, and commercial mapping services.  This work is now being performed by the GIS Coordinator and the Office of Technology with potential for considerable cost savings for the county.  The effort required to build & maintain the geographic data is best supported by local employees with day-to-day responsibilities for using and supplying the reports & results to local administrators.

Existing businesses and companies looking to locate in the County may now visit the web site at their convenience and display maps and geographic data previously only available in hard copy from the Planning Commission.

GPS coordinates are the data points that record the exact locations of property & significant features located in the county.  This information may now be gathered by county employees rather than contracted to GRADD or otherwise purchased from third-party suppliers.

Union County licensed ArcGIS in 1999 to use as a tool to manage specific information needs of the Planning Commission and Emergency Management.  ArcGIS has been customized to automate & streamline day-to-day operations and procedures within the Planning Commission, which is now shared with other county & city agencies.  For example, names and addresses of parcel owners within a designated area can be notified with letters or by other means of events affecting their interests.  At this time, the Emergency Management Agency generates maps for many critical uses; including the recent ice storm.  Maps were printed from the GIS system that provided names, addresses, and other critical information about county residents to assist the National Guard in their recent door-to-door search for parties in need of assistance.

The data are updated regularly based upon changes recorded in the County Clerk's office.  When mortgages and deeds are recorded, they are scanned & electronic copies are passed to the Planning Commission and the Property Valuation Administrator. 

The maps consist of layers that can be turned on or off to provide the user with various views. For example, these maps have aided the City of Morganfield in tracking where sewer & water lines are located. 

The Union County Water District currently uses a version of GIS provided by its engineering service, but these maps must be maintained by & are only available to the Water District.  With the introduction of GIS Services, these functions can be provided by the Planning Commission and made available to the Water District and the public via the Internet.


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Maps in this section are in pdf format that can be viewed in Acrobat Reader available by download.  Click on the Acrobat icon above to install the latest version.  These maps are geared for the general public.

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