Comprehensive Plan

The Planning Commission contracted with a firm in 1972 for the preparation of the first Comprehensive Plan. This Plan first had to be prepared & adopted prior to the enactment of any land use regulations adopted by the member units of government. The Plan contains the following elements:


1. Goals & Objective (subject to review every 5 years;

2. Short & Long-term Policies;

3. Demographics & Environmental Assessment;

4. Existing & Future Land Use & Housing;

5. Existing & Future Transportation;

6. Existing & Future Community Facilities;

7. Comprehensive Economic Development (added in 1994)

8. Strategic Plan for the City of Sturgis (added in 1994)


The comprehensive plan may contain additional elements, such as community renewal, flood control, conservation, historic preservation, or other elements which in the judgment of the planning commission will further serve the purpose of the comprehensive plan. A complete plan revision is currently being performed. Continued community participation is essential to successfully implemented plans.


Click here to see the current Comprehensive Plan

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