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Kentucky State Sex Offender Search & Alert Line

The Kentucky State Police provides sex offender registration information to the public through this website. The intent of this site is to promote public safety & awareness by alerting possible victims of potential danger. The state's SOR database is updated on a daily basis.

The Sex Offender Alert Line is an easy way for parents, school personnel, day care workers, & any citizen to get notified if a threat moves into their area.

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Family Watchdog

As nationwide sex offender search, Family Watchdog’s mission is to build awareness of nearby threats by providing accessible & accurate sex offender location information through their easy-to-use mapping interface which covers all states. The information found on their site is updated on a daily basis to ensure that the data is as current as the states from which they receive their sex offender data.


Safety Tips

Things to Know
Behavior to Watch
Talking to Children
Warning Signs
Parents Info
Children Info


Children are particularly vulnerable to sex offenders. Open communication between parents & children is vital to family safety. If a picture is available from the Sheriff's website, show it to your family. In general terms, tell your children that this person has hurt someone before. Explain to them that they should stay away from this individual. Avoid scary details. The purpose behind community notification is to reduce the chance of future victimization by better informing the public.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it a matter of time before the offender commits another crime?
A: While there is no way that anyone can accurately predict the future behavior of another person, past behavior is in indication of whether an individual or group possesses a higher risk to the public. Not all offenders will commit another crime; however, knowledge of a potential risk should assist you & your family in avoiding situations that allow for easy access to victims.

Q: What do I tell my children about known offenders in our area?
A: DON'T accept a ride from this person. DON'T go into their home or yard. Tell your parents if this person offers you toys, money, or gifts.

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