Safety Tips for Children

As soon as a child is old enough to articulate a sentence, he/she can begin the process
of learning how to protect themselves against abduction & exploitation. Children should
be taught all of the following safety measures & tips.



WHO I AM & WHERE I LIVE: Teach children about who they are including their full name, birthdate, complete address, phone number (including area code), & their parents' full names.


WHAT I DO IF I CAN'T FIND MY PARENTS: If you are in a public place & you get separated from your parents, don't wander around looking for them. Go to a checkout counter, the security office, or the lost and found. Tell the person in charge that you have lost your mom & dad and need help finding them.


CHECK FIRST: Always check with your parents, teacher or babysitter before getting into a car or going anywhere with any person. CHECK FIRST before going into a neighbor's house. CHECK FIRST before going anywhere. Your parents need to know where you are.


USE THE BUDDY SYSTEM: It's more fun & there is safety in numbers. You should not wander around the neighborhood after dark or alone.


STAY AWAY: If someone follows you on foot or in a car, stay away from him/her. You shouldn't go near the car to talk to the people inside.


DON'T ASSIST ADULTS: No one should ask you for directions, to look for a lost puppy, or to ask for help. Adults should ask adults not children.


RUN, SCREAM, GET AWAY: If someone tries to take you away, your best defenses are your legs & your voice. Yell "This person is trying to take me." or "This isn't my father/mother." Try to run & scream before they get too close. Call 911 from any phone. It's a free call, you don't need money.


NEVER HITCHHIKE: Never hitch or try to get a ride home with anyone unless you have checked & your parents have told you it's O.K. to ride with that person.


DON'T KEEP SECRETS: Don't keep secrets that make you feel uncomfortable. No one should ask you to keep a special secret. Tell an adult that you trust.


YOUR BODY IS SPECIAL AND PRIVATE: No one should touch you in the parts covered by your bathing suit, nor should you touch anyone else in those areas.


KNOW THAT YOU ARE SPECIAL: If you have a problem - any kind of a problem - you can talk to your parents, a teacher, a counselor, your principal, a police officer or a friend of the family.


YOU CAN CALL 911: If you have an emergency or are in a situation where you feel you are in danger, CALL 911. You will get help.


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