Land Subdivision Regulations

Subdivision regulations are adopted for the purpose of requiring developers, whether public or private, to plan for orderly development and develop site improvements necessary to serve property within the area of their development.  These improvements must meet certain standards prior to dedication for public acceptance by a local unit of government.  The type of improvement may vary according to the characteristics of each subdivision.  Within an urban environment, consisting of high population, structural and site deveopment densities, there is a demand for wide paved streets including an engineered drainage system of curbs, gutters and perhaps storm sewers, a sidewalk system for the public safety of pedestrian traffic and water, sewer, natural gas, and electrical utility systems.

The rural environment remains almost exclusively agricultural and residential in its development pattern and occurs primarily along existing state and county rights-of-way; therefore, the demand or necessity for curbs, gutters, storm sewers, or sidewalks would be impractical or does not exist.  Well designed and constructed subdivisions add to the community appearance, as well as value and marketability to private property.  The Planning Commission is the statutory authority for the enforcement of subdivision regulations.


Subdivision Management

Any planning commission which has completed the objectives, land use plan, transportation plan ,and community facilities elements of a comprehensive plan may adopt regulations for the subdivision of land within its boundaries, except that in the case of urban-county governments, the planning commission shall make recommendations to the legislative body of the urban-county government as to the regulations, and it shall take a majority of the entire legislative body to override the recommendation of the planning commission.

A county which does not wish to establish a planning program or form a planning unit may adopt regulations for the subdivision of land within its boundaries.

All subdivision of land shall receive commission approval.

See Kentucky Planning and Zoning Statutes KRS 100.273 for additional detail regarding the rules that apply to the zoning and subdivision of land.

Subdivision Regulations Part 1

Subdivision Regulations Part 2

Subdivision Regulations Part 3

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