Map Amendment

A proposal for a zoning map amendment may originate with the Planning Commission of the unit, with the legislative body which is a member of the unit, or with an owner of property in question.

Submit your Request for Zone Change application and preliminary site plan to the Planning Commission.  The Planning Commission staff then reviews the preliminary plan for conformance to the regulations.  Next, the application is processed for the next possible public hearing of the Planning Commission.  The Planning staff prepares a report explaining your request and maps existing zoning and land uses on your property and the adjoining properties.

A notice is published in the local newspaper (The Sturgis News &/or The Advocate).  Adjoining and adjacent property owners of the subject property are notifed by mail of the request and are requested to be present at the public hearing should they wish to be heard.  Signs are posted on the subject property indicating the proposed zone classification.

A Planning Commission Public Hearing is held to give the public the opportunity to speak directly to the Commissioners.  The Planning Commission will then make a recommendation of approval or denial to the respective City Council.  The Commissioners may elect to table the application in lieu of more information.

The City Council of the respective City shall take final action upon a proposed zoning map amendment within 90 days of the date upon which the Planning Commission takes its final action on such a proposal.

After approval from the City Council the Map Amendment is made and you may submit final development plans for staff review.

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