Geographic Information Systems



The Union County Geographic Information Systems Department (UCGIS) provides mapping & printing services, GIS data, aerial imagery, and online web maps pertaining to Union County, Kentucky.

It is our mission to provide accurate, accessible, and comprehensive data & services to support the needs of our citizens, private businesses, and the activities of Union County.  Please contact us with any questions you might have.  We are here to assist you!  

GIS Overview

GIS Services consists of a GIS Coordinator working within the Union County Planning Commission with responsibility for originating GPS coordinates for county locations and shapes of geographic features with attributes and descriptions of each feature.  This information benefits and is shared by all government entities that participate in the Planning Commission.

GIS Services also includes an Office of Technology that constructs the web sites, configures and maintains the domain server and installs the software that is used to support the network that delivers these services.

See the Union County Planning Commission web site for additional details regarding the Office of Technology.

Maps and GIS Data


Click here to view maps specific to Union County.  Please note that you agree to a disclaimer that you should read carefully before clicking on the button to proceed.  


The following items have been mapped & available for viewing:

  1. Center lines of all roads and streets
  2. Voting precincts
  3. Magisterial districts
  4. Zoning
  5. Fire districts
  6. Streams
  7. Ohio River boundary and mile markers
  8. Ohio River sloughs
  9. Moffit Lake
  10. Flood Plains
  11. Fault Lines
  12. Soil
  13. Topographical Maps.


Each of  these features can be turned on or off to deliver a comprehensive view of the county & its infrastructure.  These maps may be viewed by county government employees in the context of performing their responsibilities, by local businesses to analyze the community, by businesses interested in locating here, or by the general public.  For example, hunters can locate property owners who might be willing to permit hunting in some of the most pristine and wildlife inhabited territory of Union County.


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